Can you borrow money abroad? All about loans abroad

Are you considering borrowing abroad? It may be you are resident abroad or are on a longer journey. It is never impossible to borrow money, but if you search online, national citizenship will generally be required.

So in Denmark you must have Danish citizenship and in Norway, for example. have Norwegian citizenship. You should therefore focus on the possibilities in Denmark as a Dane, as they are many and cheap. More about this.

You often have to have Danish citizenship

It is a very general requirement that you have Danish citizenship and / or CPR number that can help to confirm your identity and give the lender some form of security.

It has all Danes, whether you should be in Norway, Spain or the USA. It should therefore not change your loan options online as long as your personal finances are satisfactory.

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Loans in Denmark as foreigners

Loans in Denmark as foreigners

If, on the other hand, you are a foreigner with no CPR number or citizenship, you should focus on the possibilities of the home country. Because you are not successful in applying online.

An alternative may be to seek out your own bank, to inquire here, but it is definitely uphill. Especially because the banks generally have much stricter requirements for their customers and applicants.

The primary rule of this article must be the following if you want to succeed with your loan application:

It is difficult to borrow money abroad unless you have citizenship. If you don’t, you should focus on your home country’s loan options online. Here you can easily be approved even if you are resident abroad.

The influence of the loan amount

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the choice of loan amount also has an impact on your options. Partly for the committee and partly for whether you are approved. So it’s another element that can make it easy or difficult.

That’s why you should never apply for more than you lack. There is a difference between whether you, for example. want to borrow 90000 or borrow 100.000 kr. It may seem insignificant, with the last 10,000 kroner, but it certainly is not. Remember to always choose the amount of money with care.

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