Loan without second borrower

It’s a question that banks almost always ask when an individual asks for a loan: is there a chance that a second borrower will join in? The money houses explain this by saying that then approval of the loan would be much easier for them. In many cases, however, the option does not exist. It must be a loan without a 2nd borrower. This is by no means impossible, but it is clever to dispel the concerns of the banks.

Credit without second borrower: Why is a second person needed?

Credit without second borrower: Why is a second person needed?

As already indicated, the likelihood of assumption increases significantly when applying for a loan together with (at least) another person. This has very simple reasons: First, both borrowers may earn. The credit rating is better and the risk decreases that it comes to defaults. However, if this happens anyway, the bank still has two people to hold onto to claim its financial claims. In addition, banks are very reluctant to say that two families usually have two families in the background, who provide unbureaucratic help in the event of payment defaults. You must forego these benefits if you have a loan without a second borrower – the bank expects a good explanation in the sequel,

Under these circumstances, a loan without a second borrower is not critical

Under these circumstances, a loan without a second borrower is not critical

However, there are some cases where you can safely apply for a loan without a second borrower. This applies on the one hand for very small sums and on the other hand, if your credit rating fits. As a guideline: Loans up to 3000 euros are not critical for most financial institutions. Two people do not necessarily have to act as borrowers here. If you also (at higher loans) after deduction of the loan, the cost of living and the material costs (house, apartment, car insurance, etc.) still at least 500 € per month, you should also be able to easily get a loan without a second borrower. It is worth setting up an appropriate cost plan to convince the bank.

So you get a loan without a 2nd borrower in critical cases

So you get a loan without a 2nd borrower in critical cases

Suppose the case is critical because your credit rating does not fit and / or the loan amount is too high: even then you can get a loan without a second borrower. In the best case, you bring a guarantor. This is the weakened version of a second borrower: Officially, the guarantor does not apply for the loan, but declares legally binding that it will take action in the event of payment defaults.

If you do not have a guarantor, you can also convince the bank with collateral. As an example: You want a car financing, but have a house. In such a case, the bank will be ready to give the loan if there is not already too much financing against which the homeowner stands. In an emergency, you can finally raise the required amount by selling the property.

Alternatively, you can also argue about equity. Let’s stick to the example of car financing: You do not have a second borrower, but you can pay one third of the purchase price out of pocket. The bank sees that you are serious and you also have savings – so budgeting with your income is possible.

Lastly, you can get a loan without a second borrower even on a convincing cost account: Put in the case, you purchase an apartment for 62,000 euros, but the market price of the apartment is 70,000 euros, so you will not have a problem getting the loan needed to get. After all, the bank knows that you can sell the apartment with enough profit if necessary to pay back the money.

Payday Loan 50000 euros: installments and how to apply

 If you are interested in applying for a loan of 50000 euros, then you should compare the proposals of different companies, in order to identify the one that offers the best and most convenient service. We find out the installments provided by Ultranix and Postal service Italy for the reimbursement, as well as seeing in detail the procedures for requesting financing through these two companies.

€ 50000 Postal service Italy loan: how to apply and repayment installments

Requesting financing nowadays is never easy. If the sum we need is also quite high, then everything becomes even more difficult. However, there are still several opportunities that allow us to have access to the desired amount. Unfortunately, Postal service Italy personal loans provide a maximum payment of € 30,000, so this is not the funding formula to which we must direct. Fostal Bank loans include a different loan option, which takes the name of the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan.

This product allows us to request from the company an amount that goes from a minimum of 3,000 euros and reaches up to a maximum of 50 thousand euros, which is precisely the sum we deal with on this page. In particular, the consolidation of debts consists in the union of various loans, requested from different banks, for which repayment installments are being paid each month. Unifying them means first of all bringing together in a single monthly installment all the different installments, with the advantage certainly linked to practicality. As for the sum to which we will have access, this will not necessarily be equal to the sum of the amounts still to be repaid, in fact it is also possible to request new liquidity on loan.

To apply for a € 50000 Italian Post, you need to go to one of the numerous post offices scattered throughout Italy. To make an appointment you can use the company’s website, where you will need to choose the office from the complete list, and choose the date and time you prefer. During the appointment the client’s position will be evaluated and, based on the age of the applicant and the economic situation of the same, the best treatment with the relative interest rate will be proposed. You can choose a duration ranging from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 96 months, so based on the interest rate (which will be fixed) and the number of months in which we prefer to make the repayment, we can easily calculate the installment that we will go to pay every month.

Ultranix loan of 50 thousand euros: available options and how to make the request

Even in the case of Ultranix loans, receiving a sum of 50,000 euros is not easy, but we are offered some good solutions. The first is that of the assignment of the fifth of the pension. If you have made a rapid search for the forms of financing currently offered, you will surely have become aware of the fact that the pensioner’s figure is particularly protected by financials. The reason is linked to the guarantee of the pension itself, which represents a secure income from which the repayment installment can be withheld each month.

For this reason, requiring the assignment of the fifth of Ultranix, there are no fixed limits on the amount to which you can have access. The limit will depend on the pension received per month and the duration of the loan. An alternative to the transfer of the fifth, which we recommend to consider only if you are not retired, is represented by Duttilio Gold, the flexible loan from Ultranix. This form of loan allows you to receive up to 50 thousand euros, with the useful services to change the amount of an installment and jump in a certain month.

To make a request for a loan of € 50,000 by assignment of the fifth or by a flexible loan, in this case it is also necessary to make an appointment at the branch. The documents that you must have at hand will be the identity card and the health card in both cases. For pensioners, the last pension slip is required, while for the second financing option it will be necessary to present the last pay check and, in some cases, the signature of a guarantor.